Modeling blind

I cannot see objects until command is complete. restoring defaults has not solved. selection windows are not visible though manual selections work. this has made rhino unusable. I attempted to repair/uninstall rhino but the updater process is always running and cannot be ended only stopped. I am trapped. please for the love of humanity, help me.

p.s. this is an education version of rhino5.
pps I have attached a video of my experience.

Hi @jeltaher,

Sorry for the trouble.
Can you go to Tools > options > views > OpenGL, then send us a screenshot of that?

Thank you

it is correct now it was an anti-aliasing setting that was incorrect. i fixed it when i upgraded my nvidia driver. it was aggravated by the fact that i had an updater that would not shut down only suspend.

i do have one question, is the systeminfo command only for rhino 6? it reads invalid command on my side. thanks

Great that all worked out! Yes Systeminfo is an R6 command.