Modeling a SubD fork in the Rhino 7

Hi all :slight_smile: Here’s a quick video using SubD in the latest WIP…


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Great tutorial:! :+1: :+1:

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You replied to my msg. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank them @bobmcneel and @BrianJ

Would it be possible to add the feature of selecting multiple control points and moving them by their individual normals? Currently I think it only moves points according to an average of the normals. This feature was very useful when extruding edges in T-splines as I could “extrude outward” from all directions. It is currently available in Clayoo as well.


The N-Slider of the MoveUVN command works on SubD control points. As well works _DragMode UVN in combination with the CTRL key. U and V directions may be more difficult with star points though :wink:

hi @BrianJ great tutorial. following the subd development only occasionally, this video made my jaw drop quite a bit, seeing how the workflow in rhino will completely change with these tools.

on a side note, your fork looks a bit like a back scratcher, i would not want to eat with it :smiley: also that evil frog leg mirroring in the end will give me nightmares now… :see_no_evil:

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Thanks! This is a useful work around.

Sub-D is going to be awesome ! Really happy to see this is developing so good !



I’ve been doing all the Rhino SubD tutorials I can find. However, my WIP7 (7.0.20049.13225, 2/18/2020) is missing several of the icons. e.g Reflect.

@CalypsoArt do a toolbarReset and restart

That got disturbing at the end real fast… :dizzy_face:

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That is really cool! Already as a WIP version it works much better and more stable as Clayoo, that costs 600€ for a full license and is a nightmare in dealing with the licenses and that crashes all the time.

The way to select parts is nice, but a bit hand-breaking. It would be great also to have additionally a toolbar similar to Clayoo.

Yesterday I had a part that crashed in Clayoo. The Rhino Crash Dump file does not save the Clayoo data, so just a STL was left after reopening. I was pissed and switched to Rhino 7: For this STL I used the Remesher and transformed into SubD. So with minor effort I could continue.

This workflow really opens doors to star with crazy scanned data and transform it into usable data. And the best: all in one programm without any extra party plug-ins! This will be lots of fun!


do a toolbarReset and restart

I made some custom icons for a few commands. Will a reset delete my custom icons? Will they continue to exist on the system?

Yes, a toolbar reset would replace your custom icons. Save a new .rui file with a different name first and then you can open that rui in addition to the reset ‘default’ .rui to add them back. See

I’d suggest closing all but the toolbars you’ve customized and then saving the .rui that way you won’t get duplicates of the standard toolbar groups when having both rui files loaded. Sorry, it’s so confusing to work with custom workspaces and also update the default one. I’ve filed to hopefully make this less painful in the future. It’s a particular problem with WIP builds since we are adding icons.



It is good to modeling effectively by
applied sub-d function tools.

Thank you~

Can see the reflect function now works realtime, moving on both sides of reflect line. Can you turn it off? I cannot remove it from the models where I have used the reflect function earlier…

Thanks for this report, I filed

In the meantime, ExtractControlPolygon and then remaking the SubD with ToSubD will get you a version of it without the reflect symmetry.

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