Modeling a pock marked landscape

I may soon have to model a WWI landscape of trenches and artillery craters. (Se pics) I don’t have a area dimensions yet. I’m looking to do it in Rhino. My thought was to create a surface with lots of points and push/pull to sculpt. Any suggestions/methods that might help.


you may want to do this with images and displacement maps instead of trying to model it… several surfaces onto of each other with varying levels of transparency combines to create the effect. Trying to sculpt this by hand will be a heroes task…

what is the output goal? renderings? 3d print?

I don’t know what a displacement map is?
This is to pre-visualize for a movie. I will need to model it and it will be replicated in a field/landscape. I expect the area will be reduced, but still several hundred yards. I’ll need to plan out the trenches, berms, and craters. Texture/image is not important at this time, just planning the area to suit the needs of the story, and so crew can dig/build to plan.

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the Help file and uncle Google are always your friends…


In that case, just simplify it. Use a flat plane, boolean out spheres for pocks and craters, trim out pipes for trenches etc. you can then create a plan and the set crew can then dig and style the scene IRL based off your dims.