Model will not open when updated from 2.8.x to 2.9.1

Hi I have updated Visual ARQ 2.9.1 with the latest version of Rhino 6.
Now my models made in Visual ARQ 2.8 will not open anymore the model is stuck during meshing.

Anybody faced similar issues?

Kind regards

Hi @w.p.h.m.schiks can you send some of these models to

Thanks, I will send you the model by transfer.
I hope you can help

Dear Francesc,

I opened the file on a differnent device where the old version is still running and this one opened the project without issue.
I see in mu 2.9.1 version that also the standard windowstyles are missing which I had available in version 2.8.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Wahyu Schiks

Hi Wahyu,
If you send me that file we will be able to determine why it gets stuck during meshing and why it opens fine in old versions.
Regarding the missing styles, if you open a new document from a VisualARQ template, you will be able to see them all. Take a look at this post:

Thanks Francesc,

I have send the file yesterday with my Nevesbu email account. We have some contact throught that.

I see the visual arq template so that is working.

Please send it again. I think I didn’t get it.

Hi francesc, I opened it in an older version on my other pc which is not upgraded yet, There it works.

I will send you an new file