Model view API Postman collection missing

I’m working on integrating a shapediver model into my website using the model view API, and would like to get started with the postman examples that Shapediver has provided.Unfortunately, when I try and open the postman collection it is unavailable. Can someone please point me to a working shapediver postman collection?

Here is the collection link on postman, clicking run in postman brings me the message:

" Collection Import failed - This collection could not be imported. Try again with a different workspace or open Postman anyway."

I’m using the API to create a plugin for the no-code web builder

any help is appreciated!

This seems to be a postman related error, I can’t reproduce it on my end. Do you have a postman account? Did you try in the desktop client?

I was able to open it after all, I think it may have just been a hiccup in Postman. Thanks!