Model Upload - Scene Settings dysfunctional

Adjusting lights or toggling grid and ground plane in the model settings dialog doesnt work any more. The scene wont update the chosen inputs. Additionally, after making a change to any of the settings, the model is frozen and changes in model parameters dont`t update.

I am using Firefox on Windows10.
This is a serious issue for me right now, because I urgently need to upload my new gh file.

I could not reproduce this issue after trying on several models. Could you point me to a specific one that produces the bug for you? Does it happen for several or even all your models?

Mathieu, thank you. I can reproduce the bug with my latest model 5.1.9 (if you can access my models).
Anong other settings, setting light intensity kills the scene.
I will try to use another browser, but I didn`t experience this bug with firefox in the past.

In Chrome no issues! Doesn`t hurt.