"Model space scale" in RhinoCommon



I am trying to find out which is the property for Model space scale in DimensionStyle.

DimensionStyle has properties, TextHeight,TextGap ,ExtensionLineExtension ,ExtensionLineOffset, but I cannot find Model space scale.

Is this being stored in the DimensionStyle class or somewhere else?

(Giulio Piacentino) #2

@lowell and/or @Alain might be able to help with this. I am not sure what Model Space Scale is.

(Lowell Walmsley) #3

It is a field on DimensionStyle. I think the field is called DimensionScale in RhinoCommon


Hi Lowell,

Excuse for the late reply.

When I debug and view the properties in DimensionStyle, I cannot seem to find DimensionScale. (see below). Any ideas?



looks like it’s marked as open for V6: http://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-29263

But as lowell suggested, it works in V6 already, i was able to get it from the dimension geometry and the style. I did not find anything in regards to V5.