Model load issues: stuck at splash screen

Another strange error that I cannot figure out. My area of focus is the round-edge panels that have fabric texture; they do not show up on the full model, and when I reduced them to a minified file (attached), the model won’t even load past splash screen. Please advise.

Mini Script:

Full Script:

Could you post the minimal script you created? I can use it for debugging. Also let me know with which version of Rhino and the ShapeDiver plugin it was created.

Mathieu, it is it the first link from the original post:

ShapeDiver - Online Parametric 3D Configurator

This is as minimal as I can get it. I am still using the old/stable 1.7 plugin with Rhino 7.

gh file also attached. (137.9 KB)

The main ShapeDiver system still runs Rhino 6, and that is the system your account is linked to. Rhino 7 is mostly backwards compatible with Rhino 6 but we have already found some breaking changes and therefore we do not recommend to use Rhino 7 for uploading on the main Rhino 6 system.

We will make Rhino 7 the default option for free accounts early next year. Regarding paid accounts, it will only be available in the new plans (Designer and Pro). Until then, I recommend working in Rhino 6. I opened your definition in Rhino 6 and noticed that it did not produce any output in the Display components. By tracing back the issue, I noticed the following breaking change: in Rhino 6, the “Plane” input of the “Offset Curve” component is not optional, whereas it is in Rhino 7. Since you did not provide an explicit plane, the definition is not working in Rhino 6:

You can just provide a plane and it is likely that the Rhino 7 definition can now be uploaded. But then again, you might run into other issues in the future.

Got it. Okay good to know, thanks for providing that insight. Hopefully I can make it work without having to reinstall older Rhino. Cheers!