Model doesn't show details when creating STL and opening in Netfabb

Hi Everyone,

I have R7 running on Win 11 with 64Gig RAM, 8 gig NVidia vid card, and several TB hanging off the back end.

I am prepping a model for 3D printing. Using Rhino 7, everything looks good. One click highlights the complete model. After final check for all five SelOpen flavors, I save the model as an STL. Next I open it in Netfabb to make sure that everything is compatible and ready to pint. Once done in Netfabb, I then open it in Chitubox or Lychee to slice

My issues are that the model looks watertight in Rhino. Netfabb shows a rust color indicating problems. It is unable to repair the problems. If I open the STL directly in Chitubox or Lychee, it shows several surfaces missing.

I have used the same process outlined above with several thousand prints without problem. This one is confusing me.

Here’s the R7 file:
SD Crew Cab V2 Nose.3dm (5.0 MB)

Here is a screenshot of the model in Chitubox. I can clearly see missing panels in Chitubox. Lychee exhibits the same missing panels.

I tried to boolean union the model thinking that might solve the problem. Sadly no.

Does anyone see what I might be overlooking or doing wrong?



Your model has a few naked edges and it is flipped inside out. I deleted the problematic face, trimmed one surface with a line and capped it into a closed brep. Turned it into a mesh and the result is a closed mesh. Try that.

SD Crew Cab V2 Nose.3dm (10.9 MB)

Thank you Martin! This is what I was looking for. Part is printing now. Will see how it looks when I return in the morning.



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Thanks @scmw please click the solution button above…