Model denied due to disallowed script

Hi developers,

after uploading the script for my model, and after the evaluation message, I got an email about disallowed script. Can you please provide more details about the issue?

Typical reasons why a script would be denied:

  • Malicious code. I’m gonna go ahead and assume it’s not the case here.

  • Manipulating the Rhino document: for example baking objects or changing document settings.

  • Meta stuff: like influencing parameter values, triggering computations, or generally overriding anything that Grasshopper does natively.

I can’t tell for sure what your script was doing of course, if you post it here I could give you more precise information.

Here is the script: (42.8 KB)

@mathieu1 i got the same error - i am trying to use ladybug - is that an instance of triggering computations - or is that because ladybug uses external application to run its python components?

The scripts from ladybug you tried to upload present multiple issues for ShapeDiver use, including the last two points from the post I wrote above. Additionally, those scripts read and write local files on your computer, which is forbidden on our servers and also wouldn’t make sense (there are specific ShapeDiver import and export components for these applications).

I currently don’t see any possibility to use Ladybug with ShapeDiver unless a significant rework of the plugin is made for compatibility with ShapeDiver or online applications in general.

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My script was also denied. (17.9 KB)
It contains GhPython components that imports the Rhino.Geometry module to create box objects and move them around. It doesn’t appear to fall under the 3 reasons Mathieu listed. It would be appreciated if someone can help me understand what’s causing the problem.

The problem is that you are using Rhino 5 with the Python Interpreter plugin. Our servers run on Rhino 6 where this plugin has been replaced by a native Python component in Grasshopper.
The component is retro-compatible, i.e your model works fine in Rhino 6, but our servers still detect this as an imcompatibility.
We are planning a fix for this issue by the end of the month. In the meantime, the only way to upload your model will be to open it in Rhino 6 and save it from there.

Understood. I’ll continue working on the script offline and upload it once the issue as been resolved. Thanks for the explanation.