Model denied due to disallowed script

(Bodibodileg) #1

Hi developers,

after uploading the script for my model, and after the evaluation message, I got an email about disallowed script. Can you please provide more details about the issue?

Declined Model due to script
(Mathieu Huard) #2

Typical reasons why a script would be denied:

  • Malicious code. I’m gonna go ahead and assume it’s not the case here.

  • Manipulating the Rhino document: for example baking objects or changing document settings.

  • Meta stuff: like influencing parameter values, triggering computations, or generally overriding anything that Grasshopper does natively.

I can’t tell for sure what your script was doing of course, if you post it here I could give you more precise information.

(Bodibodileg) #3

Here is the script: (42.8 KB)