Model declined - custom Python script


we were been trying to develop our python component for feeding data to a specific SDDisplayGeometry component to keep the right structure for the front end. The definition was declined. We are not aware that we have violated any of Forbidden GH functionalities.

Can I ask for a small explanation of the case so that I can avoid it?

Ref: 10000735-75e5-4909-97e3-72620f6dcad2


The reason for denial of the script is that it manipulates the Grasshopper document itself and it wasn’t quite clear what it supposed to do. Could you explain what you are trying to achieve? Maybe there is a way to solve this with standard components or supported plugins.

Our problem is that the user can insert more than one object and therefore we need our own SDDisplayGeometry for each with its own ID.

In the forbidden list, is written that the Rhino document cannot be manipulated, but not explicitly said that we cannot manipulate the Grasshopper document.

Manipulating Rhino or Grasshopper document with the script is not allowed. My apologies that this wasn’t clearly stated in the Documentation and I updated the relevant article.

How about having a few empty SDDisplayGeometry components for any number of possible objects user can add? Renaming the components accordingly would make them easy to identify in your JavaScript application.