Model characters for metal stamps


Can anyone suggest a simple way to create embossing characters for metal stamps as shown in the attached image “Commercial steel stamp”? I have produced a 3D construction (“Rhino A model”) but if there’s a better way I’d sure like to know about it because it will take me a long time to model the alphabet by the route I took in upper and lower case.

Many thanks.
Commercial steel stamp

Hi @JC1 .

  1. I would take a single-lined font here
  2. Create Text object with alphabet.
  3. Offset both sides all the lines with Cap=Round.
  4. Curve Boolean results.
  5. FilletCorners.
  6. ExtrudeCrvTapered with Solid=Yes.

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Hi Screamer,

Very nice - much quicker than the path I took.

Many thanks.