Model a Monitor

Hi there,

I want to model a monitor. For this, the back should get a slightly curved shape than the front (which is just a rectangle).

What’s the best way to model this? all of the attempts i have made have resulted in clunky results

backside like that:

and what have you tried? to not suggest the same

I drew a rectangle, extruded it, and adjusted it using points like this back side.

Then I drew another rectangle, extruded it and then applied it between the two blend surfaces.

The result looks too thick and clunky

Well the way Apple products are modeled in the first place to get those particular shapes isn’t tricky, your process is probably fine, it’s that they–ninja-level point-pushers–spend an insane length of time tweaking until it’s just so.

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The problem I have is that the surface is always too thick. If I then pull it thinner with the gumball, the backside changes, however, so that I only end up with a straight rectangle there