Model a closed 3D volumic object with Karamba?

Is it possible to model a closed 3D volumic object with the latest Karamba version from a mesh or any brep?

Hi @Charles_THIERRY_DE_V, Karamba does not permit you currently analyse volumes, rather only beams and shells

Do you know a Grasshopper component which allows to generate a mesh without thickness which can be transformed into a shell a bit like the “Offset Mesh” component of the Pufferfish plugin but which can work on an assembly of several shells (for example walls + floor + ceilings) and which manages the junctions between the shells (laison walls-slab). This could be used to model a 3D mesh as a variable thickness shell

Hi @Charles_THIERRY_DE_V, when defining a mesh cross section with variable shell thickness, you only input the mesh axis (without thickness) and then use numbers to define the thickness at each vertex of the mesh for the cross section. You should not input a solid or thickened mesh into Karamba