Model 1 layer, many meshes: How to split each mesh into separate layer

Sorry not yet proficient in Rhino7
did a bit of searching but can’t seem to find quick way to split a layer with many meshes into separate layers for each mesh
i can select separate mesh but how to make each separate layer?
model is single color blob
want to separate and then can change individual mesh colors
see attached pics for how it displays
rhino7 mesh
rhino7 mesh2

Hello- you can create new layers in the Layers panel (on the right by default)- if that is not open tyou can use the Layer command to open it.


thank you. I know how to create new layers.
i create a new layer, turn off
then i cut one of the meshes from the ‘main’ layer
it disappears from the display
then turn it off
then turn on the other layer (the new layer)
and paste to the new layer
it pastes the whole collection of meshes, not just the single mesh i cut

figured it out!
create a new layer
then open the layer and click on a mesh
then in lower part of screen select the new layer and it cuts/pastes it to that layer