Moddeling with rhino in vr with htc vive

I saw a demo of google tiltbrush.
It seems to me it would be great to be able to moddel directly in 3d space with the htc vive in combination with rhino.
It would be great to leave the desk and start moddeling with both hands with tsplines or clayoo in vr space.
HTC has a big budget for development of plugins for the HTC vive.
So how do we get this plugin for rhino developed?

any ideas?

Got money?

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Give them a buzz and ask them to send over a million or two…

impressive video -> but it is not so easy to draw in a 3D room (I tested it at "Fraunhofer institute " in Berlin - only a short test during an excursion) and for precise CAD models at the moment not optimal.
We have to wait only a few years :wink:

Hey Hugo, found this thread by coincidence, I’m aware it may be a little old. I happen to be the founder of Mindesk, a plugin for Rhino that allows to model objects in VR. You’re welcome to give it a try, there’s a freely downloadable trial. So, it’s been a few years already and now there’s indeed a precise modeling CAD-in-VR solution :sunglasses:

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