Möbius transformations component

You can also apply it to complex models to get a sort of 3d fisheye effect (model from https://grabcad.com/library/ferrari-testarossa-1 and material transfer done with Human)


hmm, using named individuals to substitute the understanding, seems a bit overly childish and distractive… still, watching at least half of it till now, it made me feel like taking drugs (maybe lsd) and indeed jumping down the rabbit hole, fun facts included, thanks for that. for those who didnt, i recommend watching it.

So Daniel, are you actually using quaternions in your code?

In this code I use 4d coordinates and operate on the components directly. So there wasn’t any need to use Rhino’s built in Quaternion class, as I wasn’t doing any multiplication of quaternions. That can be useful for 3d rotations though.

nice video , :100: :100: :100: