MMB Popup Toolbar Difficult to Arrange

This was discussed here before, but I didn’t see a resolution, so here goes:

I use the mmb popup toolbar for most of my work. It’s really a pain to organize this toolbar. What would be nice for V6 would be a resizable grid that you could drop buttons into slots where they would stay rather than rearranging the whole toolbar every time a new button is added or moved.

Se the attachment for my current problem. The toolbar on top is floated and shows one arrangement. The other toolbar is popped up and the arrangement is different even though it’s the same toolbar. I want to be able to know with certainty where my buttons are going to be and I want, especially to make sure that the button that pops up under the curser is the one I use the most, but is non-destructive. Sometimes, with heavy models, the popup doesn’t really pop up. Rather it starts to and the button under the curser pops up all by itself and is pushed on it’s own. That’s really a pain… I have set a hot key on my x-keys board to pop the toolbar up when this happens because it seems to stay up until I can hit a button.

@JohnM - what do you think?

James, for the partial popping up with heavy models- if you just hold the MMB does it eventually all show up?


If I held the MMB down, it would just eventually just enter the button under the curser. The toolbar wouldn’t come up.

That said, the lag has suddenly gone away. Two things happened yesterday. I edited the buttons that used text only down to 2-3 characters so they would take up the same footprint as the icon buttons. Also, my computer was having serious problems and they moved my os and apps to a ssd. Maybe having the toolbar located on the ssd has helped? I’ll let you know if the problem pops up again.

The arrangement headaches still persist…


I’ve had the problem you describe with the popup toolbar appearing and the button being pressed without me apparently doing anything. It turned out to be the mouse that was at fault (a left-handed Logitech, so it can’t be replaced :frowning: ). I took the mouse apart and gave it a good clean out with electrical contact cleaner. Problem solved, for a while at least…

As for button layout, have you considered using tabs on the popup? It condenses the size of the panel and you can switch between the tabs very quickly with the scroll wheel. That way, you can have several often-used buttons directly ‘under the cursor’.

Glad to see I’m not the only one who likes their popup toolbar!

Thanks Matt & Pascal.

The button issue seems to have gone away.

I switched to large icons on toolbars and now my popup toolbar displays the same when floated(for editing) and popped up. So, I’m good for now. However, I’d still really like to see a better way to build and arrange these toolbars.


I agree entirely with your request for better organisation in the pop-up menu. In fact, I recently posted a similar request asking if it were possible to use separators to organise the pop-up into sections. Unfortunately it isn’t but I did find out about using tabs and this has helped.

I use my pop-up all the time, I have it set as a shortcut on my Spacemouse Pro. It has about half the buttons of your example but I would add more if I could organise them better, I sometimes struggle to find the right tool as is. Hopefully this is a feature that could be added to v6.

Hi Jim- can you please send me your rui file for a look? I’d like to see what the arrangement problems are that are solved by using bigger buttons.



JIMSTOOLBARS-V5_tb (7).zip (1.2 MB)

Thanks, I see the problem. We’ll try to make this work better - most likely, at this point, in V6.