Mixing color

@nathanletwory I tried to use your component Mix Color without success.Does I missed something ? Are Color1 and Color2 colors ? For the moment I use Multiply component but other color mixing could be useful.


mix color.gh (15.2 KB)

GhShaderNodes are special: they do not participate in regular GH definitions at all. They are there only to help the GhShaderNodes plug-in code in generating the shader graph code for the material definition that is put in the Output shader node.

For GH2 @DavidRutten is working on code that will help me with not having to make dummy nodes to achieve my goal.

There’s a “blend colours” component that David hid (I think because “interpolate values” can handle colors too) but I always liked having the two separate inputs for list scenarios like this one. Try searching for #Blend Colours (the # is a trick to show hidden components too… :shushing_face:)


@nathanletwory Ok thanks, I understand, I suspected that but wasn’t sure as there was no warning.
@andheum thanks it gives some colors different from multiplication. More bright.

Mix component could have been super useful as it has many options

Thanks @nathanletwory I give a try to GhShaderNodes, still somethings to understand but I manage the level one, the color and mixing of colors. It is more easy than using standard way in Grasshopper and faster. So very good job Nathan. Noise miss a time value but distortion and detail are great, that could be a valuable add to Grasshopper noise component @piac.

Level 2 I have to add bump map to make a sort of paper.

That is a very nice shader!