Mix of edu and commercial

Correct me if I’m wrong, but not possible to limit which users can get which licenses correct?
Scenario is this, setting up zoo server for our class as well as some ‘regular’ users inside the building, So the zoo will have edu lab license as well as some commercial RH6 licenses.I don’t want classroom computers to ‘grab’ commercial licenses, and same time don’t want edu licenses to be handed out to users in building.

Should just set up 2 separate zoo servers (would I need to have them be running on separate machines)?
Any help would be appreciated.

I can identify per IP range and or subdomain where users are if that makes any difference

I don’t see that it’s a real problem.
The licensing is a pricing thing only. There is no difference in the software or in the files created by Rhino using a commercial or EDU license.

If this is an issue of limiting the number of the users within the two groups, then with V5 the only way is to use two Zoos.

The Zoo has no tools for subdomains or other ways to segment the users.

OK, just didn’t want to run afoul of any license use issues, we have LOTS of Rhino 6 commercial licenses, and couple classrooms going sometime all at once and our edu lab number should be enough I just didn’t know if there was issue from McNeel end doing it this way. I’ll turn the tracking on and if we see edu running out of licenses or vice versa we can get better idea if should have more commercial licenses on there or not. Just trying to make sure the edu we have is used for edu.

Like I say, if you really want to keep the two groups separated, the only way is to use two separate Zoos.

We aren’t worried about having a single Zoo with both single commercial and edu lab licenses in the same license pile.

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k, thanks, I’d like to keep it on one server as want to keep it as license server for a whole host of other products at same time
thanks for the input