Missing Toolbar?

Hi folks,

I’m new(ish) to Rhino (used it for a time, several years ago), and have just recently downloaded the trial version to check it out again.

I’m feeling my way through over the last few days, but have come across a few stumbling blocks when attempting to do things like create a layout, or an aligned dimension, as I think I may have a toolbar missing.
I’ll be looking at a ‘How To’ page and then can’t proceed further as they’re using icons that are completely missing from my screen!

I’ve done a search on this forum and others, and have tried suggestions such as ‘Toolbar’ or ‘ToolbarReset’ in the command bar, but to no avail.

Any suggestions?? Have attached a screenshot of my screen to give you and idea of what I’m look at.

Hope you can help,


Rhino for Mac has not yet reached command parity with Rhino for Windows. Layouts are not implemented yet. When using tutorials that are written for the windows version, you will run into issues from time to time.

As for DimAligned, according to the help file, that should be found on both the dimension and drafting toolbar.

but McNeel said that layouts will be implemented in Version 5.2

Right-click on the very last icon of your toolbar, and a floating “palette” (Mac-lingo for Toolbar :grinning:) will open with all the dimensioning icons.