Missing Rhino Geometry

I have a Rhino file which has a Brep object inside it. But when I open the file, there is absolutely nothing. If I open it as a File3dm object, I can see the geometry exists in the ObjectTable, but when I open it as RhinoDoc, there are no objects in the ObjectTable.
If I insert the file as a linked block into another file, the geometry shows up. Is there any reason for this behaviour? I have attached the file. Thanks.
Example.3dm (382.7 KB)

Hi @Darryl_Menezes,

Attached is the geometry.

Example_Fixed.3dm (411.2 KB)

How was your file created? Did you write the 3dm file with our own plug-in code, or did just save the file with Rhino?

– Dale

Hi @dale,
Thanks. I had created the file using File3dm.Write(String, File3dmWriteOptions) method. This issue never occured with other files which I had created in the same way. So I’m not sure why this happened.
Here’s the exact method I followed.

  • The geometry was inside a block.
  • I used the InstanceDefinition.GetObjects()
  • Then I added the geometry to the document using ObjectTable.Add(GeometryBase, ObjectAttributes)
  • Then I wrote the geometry as File3dm