Missing Perspective Button WIP


Recently downloaded Rhino 7 WIP to play with SubD.

Not sure what I did beforehand, but now the Perspective Button is missing and won’t come back if I do a restore defaults.


Type in Command line:
'_SetView _World _Perspective

Yes, the command still works - it’s the button that’s disappeared.

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The next WIP should fix it

Is it missing in V6 as well ? I looked the other day and did not see it either. I thought it was something I did (which I may have) but didn’t want to look foolish by asking.—-Mark

Hi Mark, What Version 6 SR are you running?
It’s OK here in Version 6 SR20 (6.20.19302.15121, 10/29/2019)

I am using the latest as well. Like I said, maybe I removed it. Not sure.