Missing PDF and other batch print features, to improve Rhino to the norm

When will we see better printing facilities?

Printing to PDFs using named views as individual PDF file names? and Printing various sizes and orientations of pages in one batch?

Two invaluable features that do not exist in Rhino and that will bring Rhino into line with other CAD packages.

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Hello - using named views is a new one, to me- I don’t think that is on the pile (though it can probably be scripted, I’ll have a poke at it) but there are a couple of items that are related-




Thanks Pascal… I have also requested the same - some time ago. Might have been a direct mail though.

Glad you have it in a list now… Its a powerful feature… Imagine having to print and name a collection of thirty drawings that already have tab names? Its a no brainer in my opinion.

Hope it gets through selection criteria.

Thanks again.