Missing objects in raytraced mode compared to rendered mode

I am experiencing some oddities with one tree model, which consists of 3 open meshes. They display fine on rendered view mode, but when using raytraced mode, 2 of the meshes don’t render completely (only their top is rendered). Any insights on what may be causing this? Thank you.

Hard to tell without a file to investigate.

Can I send the file over here? The tree is from Lands Design plugin which I am currently trying, and considering if it plays nice with VisualArq :slight_smile:

The Lands Design vegetation doesn’t work with Raytraced properly yet, at least not in Rhino 7. I haven’t tried Rhino 6 yet.

Ok, maybe that’s it. I’ve also exploded the object and made a block out of it, maybe that was it too.

Best is to follow my topic in the #plug-ins:Lands category. Maybe also poke the devs of the plug-in to get info on their ETA for good Raytraced support.


Thanks, I’ll check it out. Still very new to Lands.