Missing Lean Angle option?

I’ve been using Lands Design on two different machines, one being my personal computer and the other in a university computer lab. I’m mainly working on my own computer, but I’ve run into a problem with trees being inserted with what I think is the wrong Lean Angle (they’re laying flat on the ground). If I select the tree and go to the Edit plants panel, under the Plant tab, I don’t see the Lean Angle options anywhere. However, if I switch to a university computer, create a tree, and go to the same tab, I see the options to change the Lean Angle and Lean Direction.

I’m running the latest Lands Design version ( and the university computers are running Version, so maybe it’s just from a difference of features between these two versions? I’m just wondering why these options are missing from my computer’s version when it’s presumably more up to date than the other version. I’m hoping you can share your advice regarding the differences between these two versions, and maybe a recommendation on how to fix the issue with the sideways trees. Thanks!

You are right, this was an experimental feature we added at some point, but finally it has been discarded.
It’s goal was to help creating vertical gardens, but the result was not real enough, so we modeled special plants for vertical gardens instead. These plants reproduce the tilted down leaves in a much more realistic way.

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Ah okay, that makes sense! I should see if our IT administrators can update the plugin to the latest version for us. Thanks for the explanation!