Missing Kangaroo Live Soap component

I am having an issue with Kangaroo2 in Rhino 6. I cannot find the Live Soap component inside the Kangaroo plugin Tab, there is only the regular Soap component. Is there any way to download the Live Soap component? Thanks

Hi - which version of Rhino 6 are you running?

Version 6 SR11

Also is the component not available separately(.gha), as I have to use it for a course and a lot of the students are running different versions of Rhino?

Hi - Kangaroo 2 is a standard part of Rhino 6 and 7 but you’ll have to update to a newer version than 6.11 to have that component. The current version is 6.25.

Thank you Wim. I have updated my Rhino, and I do have the latest components. However it is still not possible to get hands on K2 updated component separately, since they come preinstalled?

Hi Aman -

That’s correct, yes. We don’t provide those separately.