Missing image files?

I’m unclear how to fix this.

After selecting an entry in the top listbox you should click the a->b button. It’ll present you a dialog where you can select the correct image file. Do so for all entries.

I do the re-linking and it seems to be ok (the list clears) but then when I reopen I get it each time.

It was the template file, I made a new one with new links, no longer get the warning.

Hi guys, similar problem here. There are 40 linked trees in my file.

Whenever I open the file, it says the materials are missing for two of them (not the other 38).

Not sure why as the materials are listed in the materials tab and visible in rendered view.

Any ideas on what’s going on?


Hi - could you post one of those two that throws this error?
If the objects are imported from a file format other than 3dm, it would likely be more useful to send the original file(s).

Hi Wim,

Please see link to files below:

Thanks for looking into this.