Missing Emissions/Reflections within Render

When I render a plan view from within the ‘Perspective’ window the emissions material and the dome light reflections on the buttons are visible.
Perspective Window
Capture 1

However when I render a plan view from the ‘Top’ window the emissions material as well as the dome light reflections on the buttons are not visible (including an unusual array of shapes appearing on the top surface of the buttons).
Top Window
Capture 2

I was wondering if anyone might know the cause of this problem and some possible solutions for rendering within the ‘Top’ window please.

About the reflection - if you render with a perspective than your reflection lines spread in different directions. (Sorry, I can’t better draw per mouse.) So, you get a range of the environment reflected.


If you use a parallel camera than all camera rays are parallel und you see a tiny part of you environment only. So, maybe this little range is quite dark and the difference between your views is related to this effect.

About the additional shapes - parallel views seems to be numerical critical for render engines. From time to time I have seen unwanted effects by different render engines. I’m not sure how to fix them. Maybe your model is placed far away from the coordinate system origin (0,0,0). Or do you use parallel surfaces and we see an intersection? You could try a secondary ray offset at the global “Optimizations” settings. And finally, maybe a perspective camera and a long lens length like 1000 mm works better.

Do you use GPU rendering? Maybe you can use CPU rendering for this area and combine it in postwork.