Missing DLL


I started Rhino today which is version Version 5 SR6 64-bit
(5.6.31009.15315, 2013-10-09)
Commercial by the way. But something is going wrong because it complains about a missing DLL for a reason i don’t understand. I have been re-installing the Neon using this version Egret_10_release_x64_20131030.msi but without success. I can see the “Raytraced with Neon” command in the display settings but i can’t use the panels with sun, or environment and so on.
This is what’s comming up when i starts Rhino 3D

Is there anything i can or shall do? It has been working perfect before with out any problems. Last time I was using it it worked perfect.
Shall i try to repair Rhino?


(Andrew le Bihan) #2

Run the Neon installer again and choose “Repair” - that should fix it.


Hi Andy,

I am sorry to say that it didn’t solve any of the problem. However i downloaded a new version rh50Release_x64_en-us_5.6.31028.18305 of Rhino and it solved the problem. Thank you for all the help.