Missing Components -Rhino 6 Grasshopper

I downloaded Rhino 6 evaluation and no longer see the new fillet edge components in the surface tab after a computer restart. I can access them on my laptop with the same license but not on my desktop. I have already tried reinstalling with no luck. Is there something I am missing?


Which specific version of Rhino6 have you got? I think fillet edges only made it into the 6.3 release candidate… not 100% sure though.

That would make sense, I have Version (6.1.18037.13441, 02/06/2018). It’s strange that when I first downloaded Rhino 6 I had those components, then they disappeared.

Yeah that is strange. You can change what sort of updates you receive in the Rhino Options, Updates and Statistics page. If you want the newest features you should check the Service Release Candidate option.

Thank you for your help!