Missing commands in rhinoscriptsyntax

Hi all,
I’m trying to import MeshTrim command from rhino into my GhPython but it seems that this command is missing from rhinoscriptsyntax. I appreciate any workaround for this problem. I need to parametrize this process in my grasshopper script. Thanks.

Hi you can script any rhino command using rs.Command()

still I don’t find mesh trim, that’s my problem, mesh trim command is missing

That’s because it is not called mesh trim:

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Hi @behforouzk,

You’ll need to call into RhinoCommon and use Mesh.Split. Then, just toss the piece(s) you don’t need.

– Dale

Thanks for the responses everyone, but it seems that I was not clear about my problem. The mesh split command in rhino splits a mesh with another mesh, but what I actually want to do is to trim a mesh with a nurbs surface in which case, only meshtrim can do the job for me. but unfortunately I don’t find this command in rhinoscriptsyntax library. thanks again


You will need to create a mesh from the nurbs surface first then split the other mesh with that. That’s what MeshTrim does.

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