Missing command Rhino 8

Hey there,
after upgrading to Rhino 8 i miss a command, not in the tool bars, but in the command line. Missing command is “Parallelkurve”. Any ideas?

Hey Christian -

What are you upgrading from?
Can you post a screenshot of the toolbar that has this command?

Try “Versatz”…

This is an issue I have always had with the German translation - specifically the button tooltip - of Offset… @Joachim_Kuntz

Command line: Versatz (literally offset)
Underscore English version:


Button tooltip:


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We’ll qiute easy, thanks for!

Good question indeed: why is it still there??? I truly believed I had eliminated all occurences of Parallelkurve(n). And here we are again.

Thanks for pointing it out, I’ll dig into it as soon as I can.

When we are at that…
…what about Parallelfläche?


The next menu item is …versatz.



Vielleicht Flächenversatz, wie bei Variabler Flächenversatz?

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Fixed. From the next build on it should be:

  • Parallelkurve => Versatzkurve
  • Parallelfläche => Versatzfläche

There might still be traces in the documentation, e.g. the user’s guide. I’ll clean them out as well, when I get the chance.

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Autodesk and PTC also use the term ‚Versatzfläche‘

Good to know.

In the 90s of the last century I used a German CAD (PC-Draft).
Then I had to fiddle with AutoCAD, and I couldn’t find the function for parallel curves.
I had to ask someone… the answer was, of course, Offset.

In non-CAD usage “Versatz” is a different position of an element.
If you apply a "Versatz" to a car you don’t get a bigger or smaller car.

I very understand the OP’s question.