Missing API documentation?

Could anyone tell me where can I find the API entry for

Grasshopper.Environment ?
Grasshopper.Kernel.Special ?

Thanks in advance.

Is there a dir() function inside csharp :smiley: ?

This is not c# specific but .NET in general I’d say… I think there are programs to look inside the structure of .NET-Assemblies, I think this can even be done in Visual studio if you reference a .dll.

And you can decompile, which I think is technically illegal.

Yeah, I try not to do that.

If you’re only interested in the headers, in every visual studio project of a grasshopper component you can right click on the Grasshopper.dll and look at the class structure (I think this is called object browser). You see where things are derived from, which methods/properties are exposed, types expected for the methods, etc…