Missing a Rendered Mode


I’m working in V6 for a project that I want to test SubD modeling for.

Yet there is no workable ‘rendered’ displaymode in V6 anymore.
The raytraced mode is way too sluggish ( on my machine at least ) to be of use for realtime work.
Yet there is no good old speedy rendered mode that has a preview with materials and textures.
What can we expect for the final release to have available?


I understand that Raytraced might be slow - but what’s wrong with Rendered?

I don’t have a rendered mode…do you?


And by the looks of it (the blue color denoting that I’ve messed with the default settings), that should be in the default configuration.

That is a temporary bug - are you running an AMD video card? Jeff has been working furiously for over a month trying to figure out why our display doesn’t get along with AMD well.

You should expect a well functioning rendered mode in the final release - and hopefully soon.

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Indeed an AMD, I’ll be patient.