Missed intersection

The attached fails to fully intersect in V5, V4 gets it OK.


MissedIntersect.3dm(389.6 KB)

How can that be?

I tried, and it’s just as you say.

??Pascal? ??Dale?


OK, in further investigation using Rh5, I simply rebuilt the surfaces, using the SAME values for UV. The resulting surfaces intersect properly.

MissedIntersecCK.3dm(373.0 KB)

Hi Sam- thanks, I’ll check it. … for now, if you InsertKnot, Automatic, a bunch of times, in U, to the cylinder, you get the full curves of intersection.


Thanks Pascal. If it helps, the cylinder is a loft (of circles of slightly different radii), and the other objects are from a revolve.


Another example:

MissedIntersect_02.3dm(408.9 KB)

The flare is a sweep2 (simple sweep), the octagon originally a extrusion which got edited into a plane-jane polysurface.