Misreported edge tolerance

In the model imported from Check 02.igs of
http://docs.mcneel.com/rhino/6/training-level2/en-us/TML2R6WIN_Models.zip ,
Rhino V5, V6, and the WIP’s _What reports that all 3 edges of the surface shown selected in the first image below have a tolerance of 0.000, although this is shown incorrect when _RebuildEdges is applied and by the suspicious-looking isocurve. (In RhinoCommon, each BrepEdge’s Tolerance is also 0.0.)

For the (not shown) face on the opposite side of material, _What reports the maximum edge tolerance to be 2.815, but the tolerance of the other edge that deforms with _RebuildEdges is reported as 0.952.

image image image

Hi Steve, thanks, I’ll investigate…

I see that … on the outer surface. The inner one reports a more plausible number.

@spb - the developer tells me the numbers are ones that the Brep itself provides, it is not an active analysis of the geometry, if you see what I mean. So this just reflects either the junkiness of the brep as written to iges (likely) or a problem in the iges reader, not in What or List.


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