Misplaced and altered objects when rendering in Vray


I am trying to render after I applied textures in Vray to an object that I modeled, but when I render, most of the objects appear in other locations and some are in a very weird position (the arches in the picture). I read that it is advised to have the objects exploded and it is how I have them, so I don’t know what to do. Any suggestion?

Thank you in advance!

It’s difficult to say, I don’t remember seeing a problem like this.
You exploded your objects to have different materials on the surfaces constituting the object?
If you’re able to post a portion of your scene that shows the behaviour, somebody can have a look.

Thank you,

I applied the materials in some cases as surfaces and in some others as boxes, I tried changing some to box type of wrapping but the problem persisted.
I adjusted the bump of the materials, just in case having it a bit high was causing the problem but it didn’t work.

As I said, I don’t think you’ll get valuable help if you don’t post geometry. Export some objects that show the problem and join the file here.

Thank you!

Here is the model and textures folder

La Cascada.3dm (15.8 MB)

Hi Valentina,
The textures were not transfered with the file. A good way to do this is by going to the V-Ray menu, then "Pack project"
I checked your materials anyway and there’s a wall that has one named “DefaultMaterial” that has both bump mapping and displacement enabled and with an amount of 1 that is often way too much. Depending on the scale of your scene and the units you’re working on, it may need to be as small as 0.01.
I’m pretty sure that if you disable Displacement on this material, the wall will come back to it’s place…

It was the displacement, thank you Marc!

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