Misnamed components

names icons swapped
difference-intersection.gh (119.1 KB)

This happened also in Rhino i don’t know why

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Are brep normals pointing outward or inward?

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Your stone geometry is flipped inside-out.
If you convert it to mesh and bake the mesh, this is the result:

If you bake the polysurface, it is baked as “positive” solid, and make correct solid booleans on rhino.

On grasshopper if you [DeBrep] and then [Brep Join] your stone will become correct (a “positive” solid) and so you can make solid operations/booleans.

Your brep internalized on grasshopper is flipped: (If you bake it, it is fixed automatically…)

Check the method which it was created.

sorry but that doesn’t happen on my pc
the normal ones appear correctly.

I said i converted to mesh your stone, and baked the mesh.

Then, see my last pic: do the same, evaluate the normals (of random points) of your stone brep.
It is flipped inside out.

Fast solution, on gh, is to “explode” and re-join the brep of the stone… to ensure the “positivity” of the solid.

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okay thanks.
that gem comes this in peacock component Cabuchon studio.

but now I find how to modify that arc of the ring
difference-intersection.gh (69.6 KB)

I’m not sure about your question, your ring solid have intersecting surfaces.
You should contact those cluster’s creator to see how to edit the shape…
Going off topic

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