Mirroring Elements

Simple question, what component(s) can I use to mirror a Revit Element using a rhino plane (XZ or YZ)?

Hi John,

One aspect of this is what Elements are you trying to mirror? There are different functions in Revit depending the Type of Element.


This is the Revit API version of the Revit UI mirror command.

See attached python component.
Re_mirror_element.gh (6.2 KB)

Here is the MirrorElements method as well.

Re_mirror_elements.gh (7.9 KB)

Amazing! I’ve tested it out on RVT Links and it worked.
Is it possible to mirror the an input geometry - no copy, and retain its existing ID?

Just checked - turning off Copy actually retains ID. Thank you sir!

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Is there a way to query whether an element is rotated or not? - in this case a revit link

The originally inserted link is at WorldXY, the copied and rotated one is not.

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Hi, John

I tried to mirror a link by the script, but it didn’t work. can you help

thanks in advance

I downloaded, created a quick linked project and had no issues with mirroring a linked file.

yeah it worked, what distracted me that i cant pick the mirrored link in grasshopper. but finally i picked it in order to populate it in my project.

thank you so much