Mirroring a texture bitmap

I’m working on rhino 5 and nxt 5.0. In the previous versions of flamingo nxt you were able to mirror the bitmap when creating a new material so the seams wouldn’t be so prevalent. Is this still possible? I can’t seem to find that button anywhere?

I don’t believe that feature is possible now in nXt 5. @JohnM do you know if this is on the list for an RDK feature?

This is handled via the mapping widget found in Object Properties in Flamingo nXt 5.0.

Just to clarify what John mentioned, you can mirror a texture for a separate object but it’s not the same as the mirror tile option that used to be in the texture settings within a material. If you wanted to mirror as John said you can use negative numbers in the texture mapping settings like this.

Thanks Brian

We have 4 designers that need this feature. Is there any update to 5 or can we revert back to the previous version? We do a a number of renderings that require us to match wood grain laminates. The tile mirroring allowed for a much better looking material by simply using the manufacturer’s material image and applying itl. Without the mirror option the materials often look horrible.

Make that 5 designers…

Over a year later, and nothing? Anyone found a work-around? Please?!