Mirror material

I am working on bathroom configurator and need mirror to put inside on the wall. See example: https://app.shapediver.com/m/g-72

I create mirror material ( Metallnes=1, Roughness=0), however, reflections on mirror are not from geometry and textures around it, but from environment map. So it doesn’t look real. I am aware that I can create cube map and use it as environment map, but what it will not work good if I have another mirror in another room.
Is it possible to create mirror material that reflects real environment?

That requires ray-tracing, which an online OpenGL app isn’t going to do. There are specific hacks you can do for flat mirrors, but doubtful they’re available here. I would do what video games usually do–make a blurry environment map you can use for several settings.

Thanks Jim. Indeed, we don’t have a good way to create reflective materials at the moment. It is already challening in any WebGL scene, but in the context of parametric models even more since nothing can be precalculated.

We might come up with specific solutions in the future, we’ll let you know. For example, we already developed a very specific ray-tracing algorithm for the rendering of gemstones (available only through the API at the moment): https://codepen.io/ShapeDiver/live/dybQNoM