Mirror match surface fix

Hi everyone

i have modeling the middle part of a VM Beetle, but, at the moment when i use the mirror command i have an unwanted shape. I need a tip to how to fix it.

I just have tried with blendsrf but it not the result that i want.


After using Mirror command




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You probably know this, but if you don’t want the seam to show you need to make sure the surface is perpendicular to the mirror plane at the mired edge.

If you have done this, then join the two halves. The joint should then be invisible.

Hi Mau - you can use SetSurfaceTangent if the surfaces are not trimmed along that edge, or Symmetry rather than Mirror, or after the fact, assuming again that the surfaces are not trimmed there, use `MatchSrf, for tangency and set ‘Average’ on.


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I suspect some car designers didn’t know:


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Hi Mau,

A simple solution would be to set the first and second controlpoint of the center surfaces to be at the same height(Z):

Does that help?


Have you tried the symmetry command?