Mirror geometry


I’ve made a formula to map a triangle alone a curve. I would like the triangles to point outward and not into the circle as the do… could anyone tell me how to mirror the triangle so it points outwards?


Triangular formula_.gh (16.0 KB)

You need to internalize your geometry:


There are several ways to flip the triangle, including the way wires are connected to Pl 3Pt.

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Thanks Joseph!

I internalised the geo. I tired changing the wire connection to pl 3pt but it didn’t change anything.

Triangular formula_.gh (20.3 KB)

The easy way is suggested in your thread title: “mirror” (white group).

Triangular_formula_2019Nov1a.gh (22.5 KB)

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Triangular formula_re_.gh (17.4 KB)

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Thank you!