Mirror correspondent

Hi, I’m using rhino 5 with c#

I have two identical geometries and i execute the _mirror command.
Is there any way to know which geometry is the mirror of another ? that is, which geometry corresponds a which mirror ?mirror

I assume you aren’t asking about what you see on the screen, as that is pretty obvious, but want to know which new object in the model file corresponds to a particular original object? It’s been quite a while since I did any Rhino development, but it seems to me that in the absence of better advice one way to approach it might be to mirror each object individually. Then the new object ID would be easily obtainable.

Hi Gustavo,

You could append a unique usertext to the original objects. After the Mirror command you can search for matching usertexts.

Other than that I do not know of a way to find tje original after a mirror command.

Does this help?

Hi @Willem and @gustavo.uzcategui,

maybe if the _Mirror is done with history, there would be a way to get parent child relationship ?


Hi Willem, you have saved my life. That’s the perfect solution. :grinning:

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