Minor graphical bug


there is a small but annoying graphical bug that appears when opening or duplicating a file from an already opened Rhino file running in Full Screen mode:

When the new window is generated, there is a black letterboxing happening on top. When exiting and re-entering the Full Screen mode, the window fills the whole screen afterwards…

This is not a huge issue, but it is one that is here since RH5. Maybe this is a quick fix, that can be done during an enjoyable cup of coffee :coffee: !

Greetings, Rudi

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Yeah - I also reported this a long time ago. Would be great to have it fixed, but it seams to be a difficult one…


Ah. You don’t mean literally while using the FullScreen command, you mean have the application window Maximized, and make a new file.
Yes, I’m seeing that in V6.
The V7 WIP does it too.