(minor Bug) _fillet on wrong corner

mac os x 10.15.7, rhino 7 mac Version 7 (7.11.21271.01002, 2021-09-28)

well i hope the screenshot explains most:

_fillet 35
klick at the violet positions (x)
the fillet should be impossible due to the 31mm segment-length
but the fillet is done at the next corner ;-(
Especially if the angle at the next corner is close to 180 degree this might be quite annoying.

Rh7 - please fix (no fillet)
Rh8 - wish:
shortly highlight the segment that is to short, feedback in commandline.
(more advanced)
or draw the circle on extended segments, indicate the error with obvious color and commandline feedback.

By the way, this is something i would love to see in general:
indicating errors with a standard custom object color - similar to selections.
I use RGB 255,127,0 to indicate errors in my custom scripts.
could be a color in the colorscheme
for example the dots (!) that indicate boolean operations failed
or above fillet…

to be discussed: there could be an additional somehow hidden feature: if a layer named “ErrorFeedback” or similar in the document exists, the objects are send to this layer, and the layer is made visible.

the color-approach allows a very simple “zoom” errors workflow:
pseudo-macro not tested:
_selnone _selcolor “RGB255,127,0” _zoom _selected

thanks for having a look at this, kind regards -tom