„Minimum“ component for more than 2 values?

Hi, I’m working on perforated panel with bigger holes for where lights should be hidden behind them. So I have few attractors and I need to compare tree with X branches for minimum value so the point is based only on closest attractor. Right now i have workaround, but it works manualy only. Is there some way to make it works? Thanks

sort your results based on distance and pick the first from the sorted list

thx, can u elaborate or give me some image with example, i don’t see how it would work. I have D(distance) tree with for example 3 branches bcs of 3 attractors → every branch has values 0 1 2 3 4… and i need to compare all the values on these positions between branches, wouldn’t sorting screw this up?

I’m idiot… when i was replying what i wanted to achive, i just got an idea: just flip matrix, bounds those new branches, deconstruct domain and flatten those… easy just like that… took me week xD