Minimum Bounding Box

Getting that calculates the minimum bounding box to fill the entire piece. Whatever their orientation.

Now creates a bounding box parallel to the plane C
For me it is very interesting to know what the minimum bounding box regardless of its orientation in space. I want to calculate the minimum dimensions of material to get through CNC the pieces.

This can only be done via an iterative process. I think there may be some solutions on the Grasshopper forum using Galapagos.


Hi Architectio,

FWIW there is a MinBox script for download here:


Hi Willem.

It’s works!

Could you help me to create a button with this script? I try to copy the code and create a buttom but it’s failed.


Check the bottom of the page, there is a description on how to make an alias:


Thanks Williem! I didn’t see it.

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Someone knows if it’s possible that the script calculate the minimum box but with one rule? For example have fixed XY plane?

I need calculate the minimum bounding box but I need it with one face paralel to one plane of the piece.

Its possible?


Use GH + Galapagos…or write your own script…:wink:

Minimum Bounding Box does not work as expected anymore. It will be slightly shifted especially in 3D space with objects rotated. Can anyone tell me where I can find the latest version of the script as Reflectar website is down.

Thank you!