Minimum and "maximum" hardware

I’m dealing with a GH definition that takes about ten minutes to produce a complex surface, while waiting, looking at the win 10 task manager I see CPU is 6%, RAM used is 20GB on 64 and I wonder…

I know minimum hardware requirements, but are there also “maximum” limits beyond which rhino can no longer
take advantages?

Hello Enzo,

I believe its not the computer which needs the upgrade, but rather your gh file…The ram just says how many objects you can create/process but it has no direct impact on calculation time. Its the processor who does the job. Unless you are using any multithreated components, multicore systems don‘t give any significant benefit, most operations in gh are single threated. Graphics basically just determine how many and how fluent you could display geometry (but can also be raped for calculation (which is not implemented in grasshopper)).
In my experience I could solve 99% of all scripts on my 10 year old below average laptop.
In addition to that, if its super „complex“ then 10 minutes is a dream against manual modelling.But very often „complex“ is equivalent to „bad“ modelling :wink:

Thank you @TomTom, I’ll double check my definition!